The Bicentennial Barn | Huber Heights Timeless Gem

Interstate 70 treats travelers to an iconic sight just north of their journey in Dayton. For years, there was a slowly fading century-old barn with a bicentennial logo that would catch people’s attention on the road. Recently, it has been preserved and restored as a beautiful wedding venue.

The upper level wedding guest dining area of the venue.

A staircase leading to the upper area of The Bicentennial Barn.

Bicentennial Barn’s History

The barn was built from humble timber frames by a team of brothers in 1912. Ohio selected it to receive a bicentennial logo to celebrate the state’s 200th anniversary in 2003. The logo was painted by Scott Hagan, who underwent a 65,000 mile journey to paint 88 barns across the state in preparation for the event. Since then, it has become an iconic site because of its visibility from the interstate and people’s fascination with its rustic and alluring look.

Over time, the barn has become an Ohio symbol many want to preserve. In 2020, a husband and wife purchased the barn and took extra care to restore it as a wedding venue while keeping most of what people loved about it. While the owners redid the barn’s exterior, the original bicentennial logo was preserved underneath the new wooden siding. The new owners enlisted the help of Hagan once again to paint a new logo over the renovations to continue the tradition of heralding interstate travelers on their way to their destinations.

A series of dining tables in the barn ready for guests.

Bicentennial Barn’s Charms

Much effort went into restoring the historic Dayton barn, but it retains its old world, elegant aesthetic. The weathered wooden beams give the venue a warm ambiance. The amber shade of the floorboards generates a cozy atmosphere while your eyes wander to the soaring ceiling and strings of simple and quiet lights. The soft strands of light create a magical glow that hovers over everything, adding to the barn’s charm as a rustic masterpiece.

The barn features two floors connected by a gorgeous staircase. Every inch of the venue is an excellent photo opportunity where romance dwells in the foreground of every frame. The interior is surprisingly spacious, and the generous use of tall windows allows great natural lighting for capturing precious moments. Bicentennial Barn photos are larger than life; they stand tall like the barn against the horizon of the setting sun.

The wooden entrance to the Bicentennial Barn.

A water feature in front of the Bicentennial Barn.

Your Bicentennial Barn Dayton Wedding

A wedding at Bicentennial Barn is fully accessible for anyone with disabilities, with a maximum building capacity of 215 people. The inside of the barn has climate-control and is open for weddings year-round. They only allow one wedding per day, between 8 am and 11 pm. This means wedding parties can take their time enjoying themselves.

The Bicentennial Barn has on-site parking with an estimated capacity of 100 vehicles. If the bride and groom prefer to leave in style, the venue has a turn-around circle, allowing longer vehicles like limousines. The bride and groom each get their own changing rooms, complete with private bathrooms and full showers.

Tours are available before booking, and wedding parties have almost complete freedom to decorate the venue, aside from any alterations that would be permanent.

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