Historic White Oak Farm | Editorial

Check out this gorgeous editorial at Historic White Oak Farm and spotlight on this picturesque venue.

About the Venue

Historic White Oak Farm is a family farm located in Waynesville, OH. When you arrive, you are greeted by a lush tree lined driveway. I personally have always dreamed of owning a home with a tree lined driveway, so for me, it was already like pulling into a dream. You can tell how much love this family ran business has put into their land to make it an unforgettable experience.

On top of all the beautiful scenery, they have amazing facilities, and beautiful areas to have your outdoor ceremony. Among their facilities is an elegant bridal suite, silo bar top area, and beautiful reception tent (pictured below.) If you are wanting a stunning outdoor wedding, this is the destination.

About the Editorial at Historic White Oak

This editorial was just stunning. From the details to the colors, to the models being a real couple. Everything was just “chefs kiss.” It was really orchestrated so that the details were beautiful, but the real thing on display was the venue. You can either go all out, or go minimal, and your images from here will all be stunning.

The Lake at Historic White Oak

I think my favorite part of the venue may have been this lake landscape. The way the sun hit the trees and the water made it feel like you were in an ethereal dream. There are multiple spots along the lake that you are able to set-up your ceremony site on. This venue is very passionate about your vision and making it come to life.

bride and groom cuddling infront of a lake a historic white oak

The Silos at Historic White Oak

I never thought I would find silos to be such a romantic spot. This is another area on the property where you can have your ceremony. Something about the lightness of the tin silos and the cafe lights really make this an elegant spot for your ceremony.

Bride and groom dancing under bistro lights at the silos at White Oak

The Forest across the lake

When I said they have everything here, I totally meant it. Just a short golf-cart away, you arrive on the other side of the lake, where this gorgeous forest is gently manicured with paths. Although not an ideal spot for a ceremony, it is a must have spot on the property to have some images captured.

The Sunset

We ended this gorgeous editorial by going back to the other side of the lake which was perfect place to watch the sunset.

bride and groom in the lake at sunset in a boat at historic white oak farm

Vendor Love <3

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