7 Places To Take Pictures In Dayton Ohio on Your Wedding Day!

A couple wearing all blue walks along a sand park path places to take pictures in dayton ohio

Dayton has always been at the forefront of invention and creation. Our little city has changed the world in every way possible! Because we’re such an industrial hot spot, it can sometimes feel impossible to find spots within the city that bring you even just a square foot of grass. While the variety of businesses and factories tend to be a massive appeal for Dayton, nature lovers can quickly feel frustrated trying to find greenspace that allows you to take airy photos for your wedding day without driving far away. If you’re stuck trying to figure out some lush places to take pictures in Dayton, Ohio, I’d love to give you a list of some of my favorite nearby locations. 

Seven Best Places To Take Pictures In Dayton, Ohio

Wegerzyn Gardens

Wegerzyn Gardens provides 88 acres of diverse gardens for your wedding photos. This gorgeous space rests just ten minutes outside of Dayton, allowing you to sneak away for a nature-filled session quickly. At Wegerzyn Gardens, you can find nature trails, formal gardens, and native plants. The gardens are brilliantly landscaped with an unlimited amount of photo opportunities. Whether you need an open prairie or prefer a quick kiss amid wildflowers, Wegerzyn Gardens will give you unforgettable wedding photos.

Smith Gardens

Smith Gardens is a quick 9-minute drive from Dayton and features tiny gardens that will make lovely backdrops for your pictures. The gardens have a variety of different plants that are \expertly maintained. The garden has become a favorite space for local birds and butterflies. The property is outfitted with a quaint salmon stucco house that’s an excellent backdrop for your pictures. Smith Gardens is a dreamy nearby choice for couples searching for a lush space. 

Hills and Dales Metropark

Hills and Dales Metropark is a picture-perfect urban forest that rests just ten minutes outside Dayton. This spot is full of paved trails that wander through native landscapes. No matter what style of pictures you’re looking for, this park has the perfect backdrop. You can walk along the paths without worrying about dirtying your gown, duck out for a few pics, and then continue to find more spots. The park offers sites such as rustic stone structures and scenic ponds. No matter where you end up, you’ll have gorgeous pictures! 

A young couple walks along a stone path under columns archway in a garden places to take pictures in dayton ohio

Riverscape Metropark

Riverscape Metropark is a great outdoor picture space right inside Dayton. As well as their riverside views, the space offers green gardens accessible by paved stairs. Both the gardens and the stairs themselves provide a wonderful backdrop. The Metropark also includes fountains throughout the property, giving your pictures a more romantic feel. And if murals are your thing, you’ll adore the River Run mural alongside the river. This space is a beautiful celebration of the city while still giving you plenty of greenery. 

Deeds Point MetroPark

Deeds Point MetroPark is another space that sits within the city limits. The park features acres of green space and native plants for your pictures. You can walk around the grounds and find a variety of spaces featuring backdrops such as open grass and river views. The park also gives you one of the best lookouts of the city. The trail in the park features multiple bridges for a unique picture. 

Cooper Park

Cooper Park is a historic space that rests within Dayton. The park is named for Daniel Cooper, one of the most important figures in Dayton’s history. Here you can find greenspace accented with tall trees. The Dayton library rests just in the background, providing a special touch to the pictures you take. The park allows you to duck away for nature-filled spaces right in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a quick way to switch up the background of your wedding pictures, this is the space for you. 

Cox Arboretum

If you want a touch of wilderness for your pictures, you will positively adore Cox Arboretum. This gorgeous park has large plants and open fields, giving you a diverse backdrop during your session. Paved trails let you get from one spot to the next, while the nearby woodlands are a fantastic spot for nature-loving couples. The property contains specialty gardens with native plants and resident butterflies. If you’re not afraid of a small hike, the tree tower on the property gives you an incredible lookout. While this place to take pictures is the longest distance from Dayton, Ohio, I can promise you the 17-minute drive is worth it! 

Places To Take Pictures In Dayton Ohio

Dayton might be known for its urban landscape, but that doesn’t mean your wedding pictures must feel cold. You will have a perfect touch of nature with any of these places to take pictures in Dayton, Ohio

While searching for wedding photo locations, you might as well find a photographer to take them! I adore providing local couples with pictures they’ll cherish for years. So check out more work from my portfolio in the blog links below! Then contact me today to find out more.