Peterloon Estate – Brilliant Historic Cincinnati Wedding Venue 

Peterloon Estate is an exquisite choice for couples looking for a Cincinnati wedding adorned with the opulent splendor of a 16th-century European-style estate. The Peterloon Event Center is located northeast of Cincinnati, near Montgomery. Its spacious banquet hall and its lush and private outdoor garden make it a versatile space. Because of this, Peterloon weddings can accommodate both large, cheerful groups and smaller, more intimate gatherings.

The driveway leading up to the Peterloon Estate.The rustic look of the reception area for guests.

About Peterloon Estate

Guests proceeding down its long entrance get to witness the gorgeous façade nestled in between bountiful natural scenery, giving it a European-fairy tale feel. The entrance to the Peterloon Estate is lined with small trees, shrubs, and expertly crafted menagerie statues, including dolphins, roosters, dogs, and snails.

John J. Emery built the mansion for the Emery Family in 1928, employing the talents of architect and design firm Delano & Aldrich. The goal when designing Peterloon was to create a grand house that could stand independently compared to the greatest houses in Europe and across the United States. The house contains an amazing 36 rooms. Guests at the Peterloon Estate would find 19 different fireplaces, 21 baths, and an entire guest wing just for their stay.

The path up to the venue gives you extra time to admire the old-world natural atmosphere.

Features of Peterloon Estate

Peterloon Estate is a magical place complete with a secret garden that makes any wedding feel enchanted. Its outdoor features include a fountain that exudes a romantic atmosphere for couples and guests. It offers a spectacular view of the surrounding wooded acres, also reflected in the pool. The crystal clear reflection looks like a portal where one is transported to an otherworldly woodland realm. It is the perfect focal point for spectacular wedding photos.

The interior features are expertly designed from breathtaking 16th-century-inspired architecture. The floors are a testament to more romantic times. A 400-year-old oak parquet de Versailles floor shines with each step you take to explore the displays in the house. Wedding guests can easily lose themselves in the intricate details and may mistake the interior for a European castle.

The fountain and reflecting pools outside Peterloon Estate.

The outside reception area for wedding guests.

The path connecting the inner reception and the outside area.

What Does a Peterloon Cincinnati Wedding Offer?

A Peterloon wedding offers a plethora of options for couples to choose from. They have kitchen facilities on site to prepare food for guests. Couples can opt for a beautiful outdoor tent reception where they can acquaint themselves with the surrounding estate grounds and participate in fun activities. The outdoor wedding reception can accommodate 250 guests, and the front courtyard provides parking for up to 25 cars. Additional parking is available from valet parking and a carriage house close to the estate.

In addition, wedding couples can also opt for an indoor reception and outdoor ceremony. Up to 100 guests can fit around cute round tables and white chairs. The Peterloon Event Center allows guests to hold events primarily in the living, dining, and library rooms. As part of a wedding, one can schedule Peterloon staff to provide guests with a tour of the estate.

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